Publications 2018


L. Ji, I. Krummenacher, A. Friedrich, A. Lorbach, M. Hähnel, K. Edkins, H. Braunschweig, T. B. Marder 

Synthesis, Photophysical, and Electrochemical Properties of Pyrenes Substituted with Donors or Acceptors at 4- and 4,9-Positions
2018, submitted.



H. Braunschweig, R. D. Dewhurst, O. F. González-Belman, A. Hofmann, J. O. C. Jiménez-Halla, S. Kachel, A. Lamprecht 

Dialumination of Unsaturated Species with a Reactive Bis(cyclopentadienyl) Dialane
2017, submitted.



R. Rausch, D. Schmidt, D. Bialas, I. Krummenacher, H. Braunschweig, F. Würthner 

Stable Organic (Bi-)Radicals by Delocalization of Spin Density into the Electron-Poor Chromophore Core of Isoindigo 
2017, submitted.



H. Braunschweig, A. Damme, K. Dück, I. Krummenacher, V. Paprocki, K. Radacki, J. Ramler, C. Schneider 

Boryl, and Silyl-Substituted Mixed Sandwich Compounds of Scandium
2017, submitted.



J. Böhnke, T. Dellermann, M. A. Celik, I. Krummenacher, R. D. Dewhurst, S. Demeshko, W. C. Ewing, K. Hammond, M. Heß, E. Bill, E. Welz, M. Röhr, R. Mitrić, B. Engels, F. Meyer, H. Braunschweig 

Isolation of Stable Diradical Products of π-Bond Twisting and Homolysis
2017, submitted.



H. Braunschweig, C. Brunecker, R. D. Dewhurst, C. Schneider 

Does Lewis Basicity Correlate with Catalytic Activity in Zerovalent Group 8 Complexes?
2017, submitted.



J. Böhnke, H. Braunschweig, J. O. C. Jiménez-Halla, I. Krummenacher, T. E. Stennett 

Half-Sandwich Complexes of an Extremely Electron-Donating, Redox-Active η6-Diborabenzene Ligand
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140, accepted.



C. Leroy, J. K. Schuster, T. Schäfer, K. Müller-Buschbaum, H. Braunschweig, D. L. Bryce 

Linear dicoordinate beryllium: a 9Be solid-state NMR study of a discrete zero-valent s-block beryllium complex
Can. J. Chem. 2018, 96, accepted.



D. Auerhammer, M. Arrowsmith, J. Böhnke, H. Braunschweig, T. Kupfer 

Closely Related yet Different: a Borylene and its Dimer are Non-Interconvertible but Connected through Reactivity
Chem. Sci. 2018, 9, accepted.



M.-A. Légaré, G. Bélanger-Chabot, R. D. Dewhurst, E. Welz, I. Krummenacher, B. Engels, H. Braunschweig 

Nitrogen Fixation and Functionalization at Boron
Science 2018, accepted.

Angew. Chem.


H. Braunschweig, R. D. Dewhurst, J. O. C. Jiménez-Halla, E. Matito, J. H. Müssig 

Transition Metal π-Ligation of a Tetrahalodiborane

Angew. Chem. 2018, 130, 419–423; [pdf] Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2018, 57, 412–416. [pdf]

Chem. Eur. J.


D. Auerhammer, M. Arrowsmith, P. Bissinger, H. Braunschweig, T. Dellermann, T. Kupfer, C. Lenczyk, D. K. Roy, M. Schäfer, C. Schneider 

Increasing the Reactivity of Diborenes: Derivatization of NHC-Supported Dithienyldiborenes with Electron-Donor Groups
Chem. Eur. J. 201824, 266–273. [pdf]