Our Facilities

The Braunschweig group operates in two adjoined buildings, the Institute for Inorganic Chemistry and the Institute for Sustainable Chemistry and Catalysis with Boron, which together provide generous laboratory (40+ lab working places) and office space for top-level chemical research. Our laboratories and the two institutes that house them are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for experimental research involving the handling, manipulation and analysis of sensitive materials under inert conditions. These include six NMR spectrometers, four X-ray diffractometers, one EPR spectrometer, one Linux cluster (1000+ cores), as well as microwave, LC, GPC, and GC/MS systems. A potentiostat (electrochemistry), and IR/UV-vis spectrometers are directly connected to one of our glove box systems to facilitate the characterization of highly sensitive materials. Details on the available equipment are provided below (click on images to enlarge).

NMR Spectrometers

In total, six NMR spectrometers are available in our institute including... 

...a Bruker Avance Neo I 600 (4 channels; different triple resonance probe heads)

...a Bruker Avance Neo I 500 with N2-CryoPlatform

...a Bruker Avance Neo I 400 solid-state system 

...a Bruker Avance Neo I 400

...a Bruker Avance I 400 

...a Bruker Avance III HD 300


X-ray machines

In total, four X-ray diffractometers are available in our institute including... 

...a Rigaku Synergy-S

...a Rigaku Synergy-R

...a Bruker D8-Quest

...a Bruker FR591 Apex II with rotating anode

EPR Spectrometer

Bruker ELEXSYS E580 CW/FT EPR spectrometer with a temperature range of 4 - 300 K

Linux Cluster

HP Linux cluster with 1200+ cores

Glove Box Systems

In total, nine glove box systems are available in our labs including... 

...three Vigor systems

...two INERT/Innovative Technology systems, one upgraded with a new Vigor gas purification unit

...three MBraun systems upgraded with new Vigor gas purification units 

...one Innovative Technology analytical glove box system

Analytical Glove Box

Innovative Technology PureLab HE-4GB glove box system connected to a...

...a Gamry Instruments Reference 600 potentiostat

...a Mettler Toledo UV5 spectrometer

...a Bruker APLHA FT-IR spectrometer with a Platinum ATR-unit

Mass spectrometry and Chromatography

Thermo Scientific Exactive Plus with Orbitrap and LIFDI 700 ion source (HRMS; LIFDI) 

Thermo Scientific Ultimate 3000 HPLC system

Agilent GC/MS with 7890A GC and 5975C MSD

Agilent SECurity GPC system

YMC LC system with KNAUER Smartline detector

Other Facilities

CEM Discover SP microwave

2 MBraun SPS solvent purification systems

Jasco FT-IR 6200 spectrometer with a PIKE ATR unit

Destillation Lab

Modern Schlenk lines

Polymerisation autoclave

Night Lab

Photolysis Lab

two Hettich Rotina 46R centrifuges